Founded in 2009, Mixpanel was designed to remove the abstractions of product analytics and make it easy to get answers from your data.

As we began to widen our vision, it was a moment for us to question the entirety of the brand. We imagined a future where analytics isn’t limited to technical roles or teams but for everyone making decisions and leading organizational change.

We set a new vision combined with our mission to help the world learn from its data: bring the power of event-based analytics to everyone.

We believe in builders — people who endeavor to create and lead change. Whether it’s through building new companies, products, services, brands, or communities.

A builder is someone that creates and leads change. They build new companies, products, services, brands, or communities. Building is creative because it is collaborative. Builders have a vision and ideas. We see ourselves as the sharpening stone to your intuition and decision-making.

We spent much time answering the questions: What do we stand for? What is our unique point of view? What big idea do we believe in? What are we fighting against? Who are we inspired by? Why does analytics matter? Who does it matter for? How do we express our ideas uniquely, cohesively, at scale, and across time?


If everyone sounds the same, looks the same, behaves similarly — and competitors shamelessly copy us over the years — then the goal is to do something different and true to who we are and where we're going. You can mimic another company's features and steal their copy, but you cannot copy brand.

The three-dot logo represents the journey of bringing product analytics into the world. The X marks the spot where we have arrived.

The logo was initially designed to visualize a funnel, but over time the meaning changed. We wanted to acknowledge our past to inform our future. We imagined it like the dotted lines on a map. The X marks our new chapter and shows the potential of where we can really go.

The logo represents how the product behaves: a deluge of data coming in, getting analyzed and turned into an intuitive and interactive UI that helps teams understand the user experience. To have all the answers from the data at your

At Mixpanel, our brand is not just our logo or illustration style, typefaces, and colors.

Combined with an evolved product strategy, investment in our brand was a way to enroll teams in a new future. To create systems and tools that drive coherency and resonance and to dream more significantly about what we could build and how we could continue empowering builders. Brand is behavior.

We developed an illustration style to signal and instill possibility for builders. Builders make progress possible. We imagined a world where many products and companies work. Not a grand utopia but a world where products become portals to great possibilities. Where builders have better odds of enabling progress because they can learn from their decisions quickly. We called it Earth+.

We also pushed our graphic language using shapes to give form to the invisible world of event data. We introduced a more comprehensive array of colors to ensure accessibility and flexibility in our communications. We chose a typeface that, frankly, is different. And we developed a tone of voice that isn’t beating the same drums on features or claiming values but speaking to builders with honesty, encouragement, and a point of view.

This brand evolution has touched everything from product strategy to refreshing our cultures and values, visual identity, internal materials, and tone of voice.

This work is just the beginning. Our ambition is to increase data literacy and provide every builder with reliable, fast, and affordable analytics.



Erik Blad
Michael Casebolt
Jun Cen
Alex Coleman
Ryan Howard
Jon Howell
Mark Johnson
Paul Jun
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Tara Odorizzi
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Michael Taylor


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Andrew Rhodes
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Product Design

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