Relationships are the oldest points of human connection. They allow us to understand and to be understood. They are mirrors that reflect who we are — the best and not-so-best parts — and grow us into new ways of living. They are bridges to becoming better.

Since its founding, Match has pioneered a land of online dating. Their vision was a seed planted in the vast new expanse of the internet, germinating an entirely new category, opening up a world that ushered in an assortment of new platforms and, in turn, cultures. Every now and then, a brand has to empty out its bag and reorder it for their next adventure. Match was sitting on a treasure trove of experience and knowledge gained over 25 years, ready to be reassembled and reorganized for a new future.

By working cross-functionally with Match, the new brand strategy enabled us to amplify the experience of Match while also paving new roads for a more inclusive, ever-changing environment of dating. To feel more elegant, playful, intimate, and inviting. The technology works so the conversation can flow effortlessly forward. Match’s new features, expertise, and standard of service, allows them to re-emerge in the universe that they created. From hiring dating experts to new iconography and language that encourages you to be more open to a myriad of possibilities, Match supports you to focus on the good stuff: getting to know someone, well.

Evolution is not about discarding the old you. It’s about reamplifying the best traits that are most yours. And it's about using design to craft symbols, stories, and new opportunities that might re-shape hearts and minds for a new future.


Nick Ace
Dashiell Alison
Ian Aronson
Madeleine Carrucan
Paul Jun
Arielle Kroloff
George Lavender
Kristine Lim
Tomas Markevicius
Eric Park
Zuzanna Rogatty
Diego Segura


Lauren DeFord
Ayesha Gilarde
Hesam Hosseini
Sean Lester
Brittany Pierson
Ayni Raimondi
Dushyant Saraph
Amarnath Thombre
Katie Wilson


Mari Juliano
Theo Livaudais


Wulkan by Jan Estrada-Osmycki
Reckless Neue by Displaay
Beausite Classic by Fatype



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